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Archive: Winter and Values

This post was originally published on WriterAmandaMcDonald Blog on December 6, 2010. 

Ironically, I no longer live in the Yukon but now live in Prince Rupert BC, the city of which I refer to in this archived blog. While the Yukon was a great place for a writer, with a thriving writer's community and arts world, it was also the location where some awful things happened to me. Prince Rupert was and has always been my home. 

And even though I live here now, it's still my inspiration!



It's winter time and I do not like snow one bit! Well, I like the looks of it and I like the smell of a winter day... but I distain the cold weather and the harsh winds that come with it. Yes, that's right-- I said distain!

Originally I come from a coastal city that has mountains and a beautiful protected harbour. We had hurricane warnings, but the winds were never THIS cold. This cold Yukon wind, the kind that raises the hairs all over your body, making you feel as if you were made solely out of cold hard bone; the brittle kind that rarely gets calcium. How awful.

The weather has warmed up recently, but there are residual effects both physical and psycological, that have me scarred until such time as the warmer weather becomes prominent...snow, and the month of the year, make that highly unlikely. It's December afterall, and what kind of December would warm up, bring out the sunshine, and give you a tan... not the Yukon kind.

Some say that I'll get used to it, and once I have-- I'll be a sourdough. Well, I may one day become a sourdough, but I don't think I'll ever get used to this weather. If I did it might just change my outlook on life and my entire value system.

How so?

My values are based on what I percieve to be good, bad and neutral. Usually you learn these things based on experiences of pain (all kinds) and joy or enjoyment. For me, healthfood is good for the body but bad for the tastebuds. The ocean is good all around; it gives me seafood, a calm feeling and inspiration as an artist. I also love to go sailing every now and again.

So you see, I feel that winter and snow are very, very bad. I don't think that's bound to change. Reason being that I do not like downhill skiing, do not like walking in snow with the frigid wind finding its way down my jacket collar, nor the effects it has upon my skin. The weather I do love is that pounding of rain on my roof, the light sprinkling of rain during a summer jog, or the moist and fresh smells from the forest after a rain. I like the look of a sheet of rain on lake water, the way you can track the cloud's movement by watching the pattern on the water.

You see, I like water. I don't just like water, I like that I like water. I like how that influences and calms me. It's also a part of where I grew up and who I've become over my lifetime.

So, I suppose the message is--while most people who live up north eventually "get used" to the nothern weather and the changes it brings, I won't. I won't, and that's okay with me. So long as I can continue to travel to the coast once a year and see the ocean, so long as I can enjoy the rain when it comes, I will; that's who I am.

But when you wish me luck and that I get used to the weather, you're wishing away the person you see in front of you. Just so you know. If you want to help, wish for more rain in the spring or fall... that would make the winter months more bearable.

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