Sunday, 26 January 2014

Query & Manuscript

I recently sent out a butt-load of queries digitally in one night and then the next day sent out my snail-mail queries.

I'm really excited about the manuscript, it's called Princess Dreams and is a picture book aimed at young girls aged 2-4 who want to be princesses. I don't think that's a small market (sarcastic shake of head.)

My daughter was experiencing really bad nightmares and I didn't know what to do. I attempted to explain them to her, I tried to show her how her dreams aren't real... but nothing was working.

My daughter's daycare lent us the book "What a Bad Dream," by Mercer Meyer and it was a good read. It made my daughter think about her dream differently. The thing that I stumbled over was that it was clearly written about a boy protagonist and thus handles the issue in a "boy" way. My daughter looked at the "Lizards in the tub" and said "ew." It still created a disconnect.

Well, that got me started. Princess dreams is a culmination of my concept of girls dealing with scary dreams. I will tell you more as I know more!

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