Monday, 27 January 2014

Waiting on the rejections

On January 23, at about midnight, I sent out 12 queries. 11 electronically and one by snail mail. I was done at about 2am, which meant that I had submitted queries on both January 23rd and the 24th.

I submitted these queries to Agents. Ideally I don 't really want to work with an agent, but their personalized rejections can do a lot to help develop a project. In addition, many picture book/juvenile publishers are taking agent-only submissions at this time.

Lets review the process Publishers and Agencies use to weed through queries.

  1. They receive it. If it doesn't immediately draw attention, it is then placed in a pile of queries to be reviewed by an associate or assistant.
  2. If they love it they review it immediately. If they love it but pass on it, then they immediately send a rejection and this rejection is typically personalized or reviews the project. 
  3. If they like something about it, or perhaps think someone else in the agency/publishing house would like to look at it or consider it, they then pass it on. This can take from a couple of days to weeks. 
  4. If they don't like it, then they reject it. By this time it has been a handful of days or weeks and most likely has been sitting in a pile that can take about 6 weeks to go through.
  5. Once rejected at this point the letter or email they use is formulaic and impersonal. Think of the language as the "dear sir or madam" type of letter.

What we as authors/writers need to remember is that rejections aren't bad. They will happen if you want to get published in the traditional world of publishing.

For me, the things I'll be looking out for is this:
  • Quick rejections.
  • Personalized rejections.
  • Rejections with recommendations.

Stay tuned for the action, in the meantime... I will celebrate with a Coke and...

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