Friday, 5 August 2016

Prime Minister of Canada: Free-Write Friday

Taken from my own recollections, I creatively modified my own experience to bring emotional appeal to a character I was a little unsure about. In the end, I think she'll make it... what do you think?

Please post links or portions of your own free-writes below!


By Amanda Ramsay

A little girl stood in front of four adults, two were her parents who had just asked her, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
            Without hesitation the little girl knew what she wanted to do but couldn’t articulate what the job was called. Instead, she asked a question “Does Canada have a President?”
            The two men laughed a quick burst of warm air over her head. Her father answered, “No, sweetie, we have a Prime Minister and a Queen, what either of them do is anyone’s guess though.”
            She thought carefully. If a Prime Minister was as important as or more important than a President, then that’s what she wanted. Queens are silly. Besides she knew the queen was over the ocean, far away in some land place called English Land. “Then I want to be the Prime Minister one day.
            One man chuckled. Her father instead looked at her with a glitter in the eye and a big smile. She thought he would say something to make fun of her or tell her she wasn’t going to be able to. Instead her father said this: “Promise me something then Monkey.”
            “What’s that?” she said, leaning backwards.
            “You need to be a better Prime Minister than Chretien or Kim Campbell,” he chuckled and all four adults roared.

            She felt like she was being asked a question she didn’t understand. She didn’t know who Chretien was but no one in her house had anything good to say about him. Kim Campbell she hadn’t heard of but the minute someone said something about her in the future, she would listen and she would learn everything that person said by heart. “No doubt about it,” she said with two hands meeting her hips. She knew the adults liked her cute displays and adult words but she understood that she would one day become the Prime Minister of Canada and her own parents weren’t going to get in the way. Or at least Dad wouldn’t.

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