Friday, 11 November 2016

Sick? What's that?

It wasn't until someone suggested that I might be sick that I seriously thought it might be true. It wasn't even an option in the back of my mind and yet, for the last few days I have been feeling under the weather and have been wanting to sleep all day. Although my throat was a little huskey and rough at the back of my throat, I constantly sing to music and figured-meh, I gotta use my diaphragm more when I sing instead of my throat...

...and then I slept more...

...and more...

...and more...

So what gave? I was watching a "show that shall not be named," and heard a character say "I don't think you're feeling well." Ah-ha!

I was sick. Now, where was the damn Buckleys?

Not here, or there, or here, or there!

But maybe it's-Oooooooh! Strudels!

And then I would forget to take medicine to make myself feel better and would end up in the hellish loop of "why do I feel so crappy?" Ah-ha! Strudel! I had this happen at least six times until the strudels were gone (there are six in a box normally right?)

Finally, I got to the Buckleys and took some Advil with it and now I'm feeling well enough to write about the adventures down the Amanda Rabbit Hole that is: being sick and having ADHD. We joke often about this; think dog and the Disney movie Up! On the other-hand, learning new tricks to keep myself from getting distracted never stops working in my favour. When I focus on writing something down, the search for a pen or paper itself leads to distraction and I've forgotten when I meant to write. So is true when we feel under the weather or are emotionally not well. Things get a little hairy in our minds as we multi-task. Balancing all the things to remember and creating task lists helps enormously.

That being said, I'm reminded that I need to catch up on my NaNoWriMo word count soon. (see how one thing leads to another? How does NaNoWriMo relate to forgetting things? Why, it's something I forgot silly!) So now I need to go off on another adventure. For now, take care and share below if you have this problem of constantly forgetting when you're ill or if you struggle with ADHD in a world not-quite meant for us.


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