Sunday, 12 March 2017

FanCon Project

This week was really productive to me. I was able to create a beautiful beginning to my shield for a Cosplay that I am doing with my sister-in-law. She and I are working on the character Johanna from Diablo 3.

Here she is in all of her glory: 

My sister in law is the seamstress and is sewing the base layer and is capable of so much awesomeness that I am in awe of her material handling prowess. You can see our YouTube project intro video Here.

My sister in law's YouTube handle is Ursa Minor Sewing, she did a badass Princess Peach Cosplay two years ago that won an award as best newbie at FanCon. For good reason: She's badass! You can see her YouTube Channel Here. Her Facebook page Here. Follow her on Twitter Here.

Honestly the Shield ate up a tonne of my time this week. It was focus number one because I'm finally taking my daughter to Disneyland and we will be gone for about a week in March. That week means that we cannot get that week into Cosplay prep and have to do our damnest to get'er done ahead of time. It's exciting to see the project coming together.

But what is this cosplay for?! you ask?!

FANCON 2017!!!!

For more details about FanCon 2017, please visit their webpage HERE!

It's the first truly northern Convention for fan types of all sorts! Two years ago they held their first event and it was such a smashing success they've had reason to do it yearly ever since. If you live in Northern BC and you haven't attended then you're missing out. Yukoners can also find some really great fun too since it's a lot closer to you than many other cons out there.

In any case, I am looking to complete the costume prior and the work that went into it this week is astronomical. Pictures of the shield are coming and if you follow Ursa Minor Sewing's channel then you will likely get the updates. In addition, I have my own YouTube page where I sing along with songs and will have a few comedy bits coming up. Please be friendly and follow!


Writer Ramsay Creds:

Link to YouTube Video of Collaboration between myself and Ursa Minor Sewing: 

Ursa Minor Sewing's Creds:


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