Sunday, 5 March 2017

Rejection is Getting Easier

Every day writers have to deal with rejection. It's a normal part of writing and submitting work. While getting a rejection letter at least once a week should get me down or might get the typical person down, it hasn't recently.

Lately I appreciate them a lot because I know that it only means "Onwards to people who will understand my work."

This time it's from Tradewind Books. A hand-written scrawl on my original letter saying they read my manuscript but decided to pass on it. Signature included.

I appreciate the time that this person took to tell me "thanks but no thanks," because I know he could have just thrown my mss into the garbage. Instead, I got my letter and mss back in my SASE and got to read their handwriting myself. I got to feel that first gut punch of recognizing my own SASE when I checked the mail, I got to feel the relief of knowing that at least I was hearing back and I got to know that at least I could cross them off of the list for that particular project.

I felt a lot: relief, fear, let down, happy, hopeful and then energized to continue to submit.

All-in-all, I'm getting better every day and that thrills me!

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