Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Writing Routines

I am at a crossroads where I am ready to make a regular writing routine because I'm getting back into my health and my interests in a really significant way. The problem is that some of my interests are getting in the way of creating a really solid foundation of writing times.

I've started working out again and I wanted some sort of motivational goal to reach towards and I found it: The Skeena River Relay. I will be doing leg 4, the shortest and flattest stage of the relay and thank the stars for it! So what is my problem?

My problem is that my exercise seems like it takes all of my energy and mental effort to get through and to organize and force myself to go... so much so that I rarely have the actual time to write. That being said, I crawl into bed and have to crawl out to grab my journal at least five times before I can finally settle into sleep because I have these beautiful writing ideas or story additions and so my mind is ready at night when I'm ready for bed.

I can't stay up late because I'm naturally an early bird and staying up late screws me up for nearly a week. I know this sounds like a lot of complaining but I'm not complaining, merely pointing out the problems with my situation. Do you have these problems of balancing creative energy and physical energy?

 There are so many reasons to make sure I keep the physical exercise and I understand that it's the most important to making sure I'll still be around when my daughter graduates or marries or has children or rocks a crazy awesome career. No matter what she chooses I want to be sure I'm around to see it.

Here's the upsides to a writing routine:
  • dedicated time to write
  • dedicated time to the creative mind
  • guaranteed work daily, instead of loosely scheduling
  • opportunity to work on projects
Here's the downsides:
  • conflicts with other schedules
  • mentally exhausting for other pursuits
  • I workout - physically exhausting
  • yet another thing to schedule
 Are there alternatives to the hard-line structure of writing like many authors including Stephen King mention in their guides on how to write? Sure, but are they as effective? Not really.

You see, just saying "I'm going to write for an hour every day whenever I can find the time," means that I won't write most days. I tend to find important things to do besides write and thus scheduling it is going to be super important. Scheduling it around my gym time and running will matter as well.

I'll keep you all posted about it shortly.

In the meantime, I'm checking out these articles and taking their recommendations with piles of salt as I work my way around my own barriers and creative muse.

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